Amazing Face Whitening With Toothpaste


All these years all you’ve ever used a toothpaste for is cleaning your teeth but here are some amazing ways you didn’t know your toothpaste could be used in.

1: Leather shoes

If your leather shoes have gotten creases on them all you need to do is put some toothpaste on them and rub it off with a soft cloth and voila the wrinkles are gone. The same can be done with sports shoes. Apply some paste on the rubber area and rub with an old tooth brush, as good as new.

2: Clean your iron

Apply some paste on the iron if it has started leaving marks on your clothes and scrub with an old toothbrush, ten clean it with a cloth and you have smudge free iron, the same ca be done with the iron’s handle area.

3: Shine your diamond ring

Toothpaste doesn’t only make your sports shoe shine it can do the same to your iron ring as well, just squeeze some paste and scrub.

4: Smelly milk bottles/ thermos

Baby milk bottles often become smelly and no dish washer seems to work, worry no more, rub some paste on the bottle washer brush and just scrub and wash.

5: Blur glasses/mirros/DVDs/Phone screens

From your glasses to bathroom mirrors toothpaste can clean them all ad make them new, just scrub and clean.

6: Smelly drain pipes and sinks

Same old scrub and clean.

7: Ink smudges on shirt

Put some paste on the smudge and rub the cloth until the smudge is gone and wash..

8: Pimples

Wash your face, apply some paste on the pimple and leave it o for the night, the paste will dry the pimple. tho sensitive skin is a different story.

9: Smelly Palms and feet

Rub the paste on your palms and wash.

10: Mosquito bites

Take care of the stingy feeling with the paste.

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